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We take violations seriously

Working environment is a very important issue for most people around the world. Some companies may think that it is easy to get a working environment certification by cheating or letting the workers file false surveys. We take those kind of abuse very serious and we do not accept any kind of abuse. Thus verified abuse will be met with a number of sanctions including downgrading the company involved in abuse to "not-recommended" status.

Abuse includes but are not limited to the following issues:

1. Forcing employees to make false and higher rating
2. Denying employees to rate the company
3. Harassing of employees that rate the company in a way the company dont want
4. Trying to identify what an employee have rated

We want to hear from you

If you have knowledge of a company that has got our certification without properly deserving it, we wan to hear from you. Tell us why they dont deserve it and we will look into it.

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Thank you for reporting

We are very greatful for any reporting. This is what makes the system work.

Thank you!!
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