- we map working environment worldwide - for employees

Why map your working environment?

It is very simple. First of all, working environment has a huge impact on your wellbeing and mapping the working environment can help your employer to find the most cost effective ways of improving the working environment to the better for you and your colleagues. Everybody wins. Mapping the environment also means that you in near future can compare your working environment to others and better understand your own working conditions.

Its your right to know

It is a workers right to know, what kind of working environment he can expect in a company before he chose to work for the company. By mapping the working environment, we will get a tool for the companies to show their working environment status on their web page. When you look for your next job, remember to look for "WE smiley" on the companys web site.

Afraid to take the survey?

You are not the only one. A lot of people are afraid of taking this survey, as they are afraid that the employer will get information about who rated the company and how. We will never give away personal information or any other information that can identify an individual who rated the companys working environment. Please have a look at our sample report (presently only a Japanese sample report, but we are working on elaborating an English version) for what kind of information we are supplying to the company.
We offer you the following:
If you are afraid of taking the survey, but want your company to know, that the working environment is bad, please gather a number of coworkers and contact us. We will ask you to fill in the survey in details. We will then elaborate a very basic report that includes the basic charts and rating (WE smiley). We ( will send this report to the company and offer the company to take a more detailed working environment survey for the whole company.

For workers representative:

Do you work as representative for a group of workers or maybe even a Union? Why not suggest your colleagues to take this survey?

Extra service for private users:

We want to become the leading company with working environment data gathered worldwide. Thus we will for a limited time, in the start-up phase offer private users to create their own working environment history chart. We need you to fill in the survey for each company you have worked for (at least two). We will then create one chart of it like the one below. The chart below is a chart for one person, 5 different work places in two different countries. If you want such a chart, please write to us ( This is only a limited time offer and only for private persons.
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