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We measure the follwoing
working environment issues

Personal information:

We ask for personal information as name, email address, gender, age, employment status etc. We do this in order to verify that the respondent is or actually were employee in the company they are rating. Further, gender, age and the like information is necessary to create meaningful statistics.

Reasons for recommendation

We ask for reasons why the respondent recommend or do NOT recommend the company. Most respondent use these fields to express their most concerned working environment issues why this information is very useful for a company.

Working hours, commuting, holidays etc.

It is important for us, to get an idea about how many hours a worker actually use on work, inclusive transportation. Further, it is also important to know how many days a year a worker has to work, and how many days he can take off (holidays and days off) to be able to compare the condistions with other companies or countries.

Company regulations and practices

Many companies forces their employee to wear uniforms, cut their hair, socialize or other things. Some of those might be part of the job description and fair as well, but in other cases, the company are forcing unreasonable things onto the employees. We want to get an idea about whether the employees feel they are forced or if they accept regulations and demands as part of their job description.

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