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Will the employee recommend someone to work for the company? Needless to say, that this is a very important indicator for a company when hiring people.

Overall judgement:

What is the employees overall judgement of the companys working environment? This varies from the recommendability above, as the employer can have personal reasons for value the working environment for him self more or less compared to whether he wants to recommend the company to others or not. Further investigations into the general, physical and mental working environment will reveal what the employer thinks about the working environment.

Non paid overtime work:

Non paid overtime work is common in some countries and not in others. In Japan for instance, there are examples of more than 100 hours of non paid ovetime work a month. And unfortunately, this does not seem to be the exception. However, it is a problem that most workers who are forced to non paid work often dislikes it very much (of course). Non paid overtime is also followed by lack of time for the family, no holidays and less possibility for further education, leading to less life satisfaction for the employee. Companies with non paid overtime work often has many other working environment issues to deal with as well.  

How easy is it to get holidays or a day off:

Holidays is necessary for most people if they want to have a "normal" and "healthy" family life. However, not all countries wokers enjoys the pleasure of having holidays. Not all wokers enjoy the possibility of being able to take a day or two off, when needed. How is your possibility to get holidays and or take a day or two off, when needed?  

Impact on family life and private matters:

Does your work impact your family life and private matters? Do you work so many hours that you dont see your family? Are you depressed due to power harassment? Ar you tired everyday after work so you are not able to take care of anything at home?

Skill up and education:

Any worker needs to keep up with the development within his field to be able to keep his job or change to another company. How much help does your company offer to keep your value as an employee within your field? Does your company offer enough or do you think they need to do more? Are you satisfied?


Discrimination can be many things. Gender, religion, age, education, nationality, disability, sexual orientaiton and more. Do you or your colleague experience any discrimination at work?

Efforts to improve working environment:

One thing is to have working environment issues. Not many companies can say they dont. But another thing is whether they admit and want to change it or not. Some companies goes father than others in trying to improve the working environmentt. What is your experince of your company?

Salary and benefits:

Oh yes, salary and benefits means a lot to the employee. Of course it does. Are you satisfied with your salary? Are you satisfied with the benefits you get?

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