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Our philosophy:

Working environment is different from country to country. It also differs inside the same country, depending on the compnay. Somtimes even depending on the department within the company as well. However, what does not differ in any case, is that working environment has a huge impact on all individuals working under it. In best cases working environment can motivate employees increasing the competition and profit as well as giving them a much better life quality and life satisfaction as well. In worst case, bad working environment can lead to accidents, illnesses or even death. For the company, bad working environment means less profit, fewer customers and of course less earnings and ultimately it can be a question about the companys survival.
In a globalized world as we live in today, companies tend to outsource tasks to countries with less acceptable working environments and countries with low salaries. We owe our selv this, as we as consumer, mostly buy the cheapest product rather than think about working environment for those who produce it. So it is not only the companies that are to blame, but as much the consumers who force companies to produce products where it is cheapest. And this will probably continue for a long time, and the working environment will start to adapt to the new world order. This means that the developed countries working environment will become worse and the developing countries working environment will improve.

It is now time for a worldwide standard for working environment that both wokers and employers can benefit from.
Further some of the working environment issues that has the largest impact on employees are the mental working environment. Mental working environment does not necessarily cost money to improve, but can have a huge impact on the working environment and thus the well being of the workers. We believe that by mapping a companys working environment, the company will be able to see where it can improve the working environment in the most cost effective way and thus benefitting from improved productivity. This will lead to a better life for the worker, a better world and higher productivity and profit for the company. All wins, nobody looses. We see no reasons for companies not to participate.

We challenge you!

A lot of people seem to be afraid of filling in our survey, as they are afraid their inputs will be known to the company. However, if a worker is afraid of fill in the questionnaire, the more necessary it is to map the working environment to find the problems and improve the companys performance. We do not create reports where particular individuals can be identified.
We would like to challenge companies and workers of today worldwide, to collaborate with us to map the working environment in your company. We will create working environment reports based on the workers input for each individual companies who wants to participate. The report will be a summary of all the data gathered in some very easy to understand charts. It will be easy to see, where the cost performance of the working environment improvement will be highest, and thus where your company should focus to benefit most from improving the working environment.
We also elaborate customized reports, if your company is in need to know the situation in specific areas, specific departments, if you want to compare one department to another etc., let us know your needs and we will customize the survey to fit your companys needs. Drop us a line and we will return to you with suggestions.


There are many benefits from mapping your working environment. First of all, you may find issues that need attention you wouldnt have found else.

Further your company should be able to improve performance as the working environment improves due to higher employee satisfaction.

You also have the possibility to advertise your working environment status, certified by . This way, you will be able to attract better woker to your company. We offer companis that take our survey to place a logo on their homepage or where you advertise for new employees. The applicant might very well chose your company rather than your competitors, as working environment does matter for the worker.

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Our surveys:

Our surveys are solely based on results from inputs in questionnairs filled by employees of a company. Nothing else. We create charts from those data, analyze it and give you feed back. This way of mapping has its advantages and disadvantages. We believe that the workers opinion and experience of a companys working environment is important for the company it self to know in details.

We do not...

We do not map, whether a company violates the working environment laws and regulations in a certain country or not, as the laws differs from country to country, and there are often different opinions about the same issue. If you are looking for legal advices, please contact your local authorities.
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