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Non smoking working environment certification

We have been certified as a non-smoking working environment by

What does the certification stand for:

A company certified by as a "non smoking working environment" is a company where smoking is not allowed at all except for outdoor areas. A truly smoke free environment in a company is an environment in which no smoking is allowed at all within any company buildings or vehicles. This is also the definition of "non smoking working environment".

Why focusing on smoking?

Outside the home, the greatest exposure to tobacco smoke is likely to be the work place. Smoking related illnesses results in a huge loss of working days each year worlwide. Thus tobacco is not only unhealthy for humans, but it is also unhealthy for the companys earnings.  

Terms / requirements:

To become "non smoking working environment" certified by, you must supply us with the following material:

1. Official company regulations describing the companys smoking policy. It must be clearly stated in the company regulations that "no smoking is allowed at all within any company buildings or vehicles" or similar wordings.
2. No less than 5% of the employees or at least 50 persons of the employees, must fill in our survey. The result of the survey must also show a 100% non smoking policy.
3. have NOT visited this company to verify facts. Certification is soley based on employees response to our survey and materials and data we can gather from the net and our office.
4. No violations has been confirmed
5. The certification must be placed on the company web site and it will also be placed on web site.

The certification is only valid for five years and must be renewed after five years.

How to get certified:

Contact us for detailed information or have a look at our information for companies.  

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