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Disabled-friendly working environment certification

We have been certified as a company with a diabled friendly working environment by

What does the certification stand for:

To be granted a "disability friendly" working environment certification from, the company must proof to have a disability friendly working environment rated by the employees. Thus we collect survey results from the employees, in which we ask them to rate the disability friendly environment as they see it. The company must achieve an average rating of more than 50% in all disability friendly working environment environmets. For detaisl, please see below.

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Why focusing on disablility?

Disability are perceived differently from country to country. Further, even there are no problems for a disabled person working with certain tasks, in many cases they are discriminated and have difficulties geting a proper job. However a lot of disabled people can increase the companys image, efficiency, productivity, competitiveness and overall success. By discriminating disabled people on the work places, disabled people are being further disabled which we would like to participate stopping.

We do not promote "positive discrimination", meaning that we promote disabled friendly working environment, but not on the cost of non-disabled persons. Positive discrimination is also discrimination and has an acutal cost for the persons that are discriminated. We believe that if a company provide the right environment for disabled people, you do not need positive discrimination which may lead to less dignity for the disabled as well. Equality is what we promote. Both for disabled and non-disabled people.

Terms / requirements:

To become "disabled-friendly working environment" certified by, you must supply us with the following material:

1. Official company regulations describing the companys policy disabled-friendly working environment policy.
2. No less than 15% of the employees or at least 100 persons of the employees, must fill in our standard survey as well as our disabled-friendly survey. The result of the surveys must support a disable-friendly working environment policy. Average rating by employees must be: 50% + in our disabled friendly specific survey. It includes rating of:

 - companys complying with laws and regulations related to disability and whether a disabled friendly policy exist or not
 - a safe and disabled friendly physical working environment (barrier-free buildings, ramps, adapted toilets, braille symbols and other necessary installations etc.)
 - generally positive attitude towards disabilities and people with disabilities in the company
 - must follow a non-discriminatory employment pracsis
 - must not have non-discriminatory approach towards people who becomes disabled
 - must give extra benefits to disabled (with the purpose of being able to maintain work and ranks as anybody else) to make sure they have same oppotunities as other staff members - within the reasonable
 - provide opportunities for training and skill development for disabled persons

Average rating by employees on disabled friendly elements in our general survey must be: 50% + It incluces elements as:
 - discrimination
 - equality and fairness
 - general physical working environment
 - working space
 - facilities & equipments

3. Working Environment report must be elaborated with suggestions of improvements on disabled friendly elements.
4. No single disabled friendly rating element can be under 25%
5. have NOT visited this company to verify facts. Certification is soley based on employees response to our survey and materials and data we can gather from the Internet and from our office.
6. No violations has been confirmed
7. The certification must be placed on the company web site and it will also be placed on web site.

This certification is only valid for three years. To maintain this certification, the company must conduct this survey every three years. After the survey, a pending status icon will be placed on the companys web for 3 month. If there are no reports of violations, the certificatino will be granted.

How to get certified:

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