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Good Physical working environment certification

Good physical working environment certification by

What does the certification stand for:

We try to be as close to the many definition of good physical  working environment defined by unions around the world. Having a physical friendsly working environment certification from means that the employees have rated this company as having a good physical working environment in their opinion. The elements we rate is described below.

Why focus on good physical working environment?

Good physical working environment is basic for a working environment. Physical working environmeht differs from company to company. They are closely related to the companys service and products etc. It is important to have a safe, healthy and comfortable physical working environment as it is important for the work efficiency and the well-being of the employees. In worst case, bad physical working environment leads directly to accident causing death, injuries or physical disabilities.  

Terms / requirements:

To become "Good physical working environment" certified by, you must supply us with the following material:

1. Official company regulations describing the companys good physical working environment policy.
2. The company must score more than 60% each in all of the following categories:
 - working hours
 - air and temperature
 - noise
 - equipment and facilities
 - working space
 - physical WE
 - smoking policy
3. Must be rated by 15% or more or at least 100 employees on family friendly elements.
4. Working Environment report must be elaborated with suggestions of improvements.
5. No single Good-physical rating element can be under 25%
6. have NOT visited this company to verify facts. Certification is soley based on employees response to our survey and materials and data we can gather from the net and our office.
7. No violations has been confirmed
8. The certification must be placed on the company web site and it will also be placed on web site.

This certification is only valid for three years. To maintain this certification, the company must conduct this survey every three years. After the survey, a pending status icon will be placed on the companys web for 3 month. If there are no reports of violations, the certificatino will be granted.

Examples of a physical working environment chart 

Below is an example of a result of the physical working environment survey. As can be seen, this company has only one category (noise) that is rated higher than 60%. However, all the other categories are rated lower than 60% and thus this company cannot be granted the right to use a certificate of being a physical good working environment. They need to make serious efforts to improve the working environment.  

How to get certified:

Contact us for detailed information or have a look at our information for companies.  

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