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Family-Friendly working environment certification

We have been certified as a company with a family friendly working environment by

Part of OECD definition of family-friendly working environment

OECD (2007) defines family-friendly workplace arrangements as those practices that facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life, and which firms introduce to complement statutory requirements. Family-friendly arrangements include: extra-statutory leave from work arrangements; employer-provided childcare, OSH-care, and elderly care supports and flexible working time arrangements. As childcare, parental leave support and part-time employment are considered elsewhere; the focus here is on flexibility in working time arrangements that do not necessarily involve reduced working hours. For example, teleworking, working at home, and working a full-time working week at non-standard hours.

Flexibility in working time allows, for example, parents to adjust their working schedule to map with school and/or childcare centre hours. The extent to which flexi-time practices help workers balance work and family life is co-determined by the extent to which workers have control over these arrangements. In practice, flexible working schemes are primarily designed to address employer needs in the production process, and their use as reconciliation tool is determined by the extent to which employees can use these
arrangements (for example, by working at home) to reflect their preferred working time schedule (Chung et al., 2007); also flexi-time arrangements can be awarded occasionally (to meet urgencies) or on regular basis.

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What does our certification stand for:

We try to be as close to the OECD definition of family-friendly working environment. Having a family-friendly certification from means that the employees have rated this company as very family friendly. The elements we rate is described below.

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Terms / requirements:

To become "family-friendly working environment" certified by, you must supply us with the following material:

1. Official company regulations describing the companys family friendly policy.
2. It is a must to get a "family-friendly" certificatoin  that employees to a certain extend have the possibility to chose flexible working hours
3. It is a must that employees feel comfortable using the family friendly services provided by the company.
4. Average rating by employees on family friendly elements must be: 60% + in our family friendly specific survey which includes rating of:
 - flexible working hours
 - parental leave
 - comfortability using family friendly services provided by company
 - reconciliation / balance of work and family life
Average rating by employees on family friendly elements in our general survey must be: 60% + :
 - non paid overtime
 - ease to get days off
 - impact on family life
 - effect on private matters

5. Must be rated by 15% or more or at least 100 employees on family friendly elements
6. . Working Environment report must be elaborated with suggestions of improvements.
7. No single family friendly rating element can be under 25%
8. have NOT visited this company to verify facts. Certification is soley based on employees response to our survey and materials and data we can gather from the net and our office.
9. No violations has been confirmed
10. The certification must be placed on the company web site and it will also be placed on web site.

This certification is only valid for three years. To maintain this certification, the company must conduct this survey every three years. After the survey, a pending status icon will be placed on the companys web for 3 month. If there are no reports of violations, the certificatino will be granted.

How to get certified:

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