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Acceptable working environment certification

This certification is given to companies has certified has an acceptable working environment

What does the certification stand for:

1. Average rating by employees: 40% +
2. Rated by 5% or more or at least 30 employees
3. We do not necessarily elaborate working environment reports for the company unless the company wants it. However, we strongly suggest the companyies rated "acceptable" working environment to get a detailed report, as it is often very easy to get a higher ranking with just a little effort of improving the working environment.
4. have NOT visited this company to verify facts. Certification / rating is soley based on employees response to our survey and materials and data we can collect from the Internet and our office.
5. No violations has been confirmed

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A certification of "Acceptable" working environment from means that this company has "only" an acceptably working environment according to the employees. It is not a certificate a company wants. Improvement is necessary but it is possible with only a little effort to reach the next level smiley, which is "Good" working environment. We do NOT visit companies rated as "acceptable" to verify facts unless the company ask us to do so.

If a company is not satisfied with this rating, the company can contact us for further details. It is worth making a more detailed working environment evaluation. For details, contact

Terms / requirements:

To become "Acceptable working environment" certified by, the company must supply us with the following material:

1. Official company regulations describing the companys working environment policy or guidelines. These guidelines must confirm that the company has an acceptable working environment policy.
2. No less than 5% of the employees or at least 30 persons of the employees, must fill in our full survey.
3. The average result must not show under 40% employee satisfaction. There are no requirements to ratings in any single categories.

Further requirements:  


There will be a three month certification pending periode, where employees and cutsomers, former employees, suppliers or subcontractors are suggested to report to us in case they have knowledge about violation of our guidelines, like if the company is forcing the employees to fill in the survey with excellent result. We take this kind of violation very seriously and companies who does this, will be announced on our web page and given a "not recommended" smiley. Further violations of our guidelines will result in quaranteen for the company for a certain time, depending on the violation type and gravity. It is better for your company NOT to take the survey rather than try to cheat your company to get an "acceptable" smiley.
Our consultant will NOT visit the company. A "acceptable" working environment smiley is solely based on survey results based on inputs from employees. However, we suggest to elaborate a report of the working environment with suggestions of improvements.
After the three month certification pending periode, if there has been no reports of violations, the company will be granted to use the "acceptable" working environment smiley for a year.
We always suggest our "acceptable" certified companies to keep in good contact with, and let the employees take the survey every now and then to make sure to catch if there are any changes in the working environment. We further suggest staff members to let us know, if they find alarming issues that should be dealt with. If we find alarming issues, we will inform the compoany and suggest improvements.
This certification is only valid for one year. To maintain this certification, the company must conduct this survey once every year. We will inform you when it is time to take the survey again.

How to get certified:

Contact us for detailed information or have a look at our information for companies.

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